Updated: Jan 2

Eat your food, smile, speak when spoken too

Don’t be argumentative, or have too many ideas that are new

Be polite, gracious, mind ya Ps and Qs

Remember your check list of don’t and do’s

Push yourself and cultivate your talent

Execute everything with poise and balance

When you achieve make sure you are humble

For expressing yourself too much, will be a stumble

When people tell you you have excelled and done well

Act shocked, apologetic even

Keep them under your spell

No wonder we reach our 20s and our self esteem is still low

No wonder I stopped trying before I’ve had a go

Statistically, boys are more likely to apply for jobs they are unqualified for

And even if girls have the right credentials,

They will still choose not to open that door

I’ve heard people say ‘she has such talent and the best thing about it is that she doesn’t know’

God if I ever hear that - I will point out that it’s not a compliment it’s a blow

Shout about your achievements, your growth and your learning

Leave your audience shocked, appalled even, and always leave them yearning

We shouldn’t be taught to keep our ideas quiet

We need to foster them, scream out loud. And make a bloody big riot.

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