Updated: Jan 2

I pull on my back pack, tick glitter off my list

Look at my pals, this is a weekend not to be missed

Stumble over my wellies, feel the first blister form

Don’t care about the pain, for this experience I was born

Past the gates and security, we amble in

A couple of baggys unnoticed in our peanut butter tin

Look at the map, set up camp here

Kick off our tents and sip the first fresh cold beer

Feel the sun beating down on our faces

This is one of my favourite places

Yesterday’s socks and Fridays hair

COME ON i here them shout, they're playing over THERE

Rush into the crowd, push through to the front

A pint of piss thrown over me, oi stop that you…!

Mosh pit breaks out, we are in the thick of it

Manage to scramble out, with my cigarette still lit

Night creeps in, lights flood from food vans help us see

Dropped a pill with the girls maybe two maybe three

Feel us all floating on a psychedelic trip

Omg did you see that boy he is so fit

Grab the poor lad and we dance all through the night

Now this night begins to take flight

However one last question hangs on my mind..

Hey baby where do you wanna go?

Your tent or mine?

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