• Jemima Woods


So mushy and green just another legume

You have to deskin it with a knife and then with a spoon?!

Alikend to double denim, we never thought it would return to fashion,

However all the millennials consume it with such zest, such a passion.

Paired with a bacon and a poached egg or a freshly tossed salad

This isn’t an ode to this vegetable, it’s more like a ballad.

Traditionally served as a light bite, this versatile green can be found at breakfast lunch or even dinner,

It’s texture is far too delicate to find itself in a salad spinner

Season with pepper, maybe a sprinkle of salt,

Say that it’s smashed and the 20 somethings will bolt

It can’t be that expensive, how much do you say?

And yet they fork it out and constantly pay.

If your gram is lacking, a pic of this is surely the winner,

It adds a certain je ne sais quoi to your dull and boring dinner

Nothing rhymes with this product, it’s an aloof tasty treat

Made fashionable by the most pretentious humans that you ever did meet

This poor little veg just wants to make it in this space

However the little avocado never knew his notoriety would accelerate at this ridiculous pace

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